A Room For Three

The triplets have always shared a room.  It's been tricky to keep a room with 3 boys organized.  This was quite a project, but we love it, they love it.  Everyone is happy! 

We made the loft bed with 2x4s, 2x6s and 2x2s for the rail supports.  The plan was originally for a bed measuring a little over 6'.  I modified the plans and made the bed over 9' so that we could put two twin beds underneath with an area to walk between them.  This bed is tall enough for all the boys to walk under too.  The original plans (which are awesome and easy to follow) can be found here.  After looking at many, many plans this is the one I decided to go with.  I loved the way it looked and it's super sturdy.   

And to see how to make a simple platform bed click here.  It's super easy and each bed was only about $15 to make! 

To see how to make the desk click here.  To see how I up-cycled Grandma's chairs click here.

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