My friend, Kasey, had a little girl that had to have hip surgery. She was in a spica cast for 12 weeks! If you don't know what a spica cast is, google it. You'll get the idea. Because of how this cast is, she couldn't sit in a regular chair. You can buy spica tables or chairs, but they aren't cheap. Kasey asked if I would build her a spica chair/table. I couldn't find a single one that showed any type of information on how to build one. So I created my own plan and made this one for her. Her daughter loved it! She healed up, cast off and they have since passed the table  on to several other families.

This table/chair makes it easy for children in spica casts to comfortably do normal things that are often difficult to do while in a cast.

And now you can make your own! These are very easy to follow step-by-step instructions with pictures in a downloadable pdf file.

This plan with it's measurements would be great for kids up to 3 years old. Have fun building! And good luck to all of the families out there dealing with this issue!

You can download the plans HERE

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