Coffee Table-I just can't leave this thing alone!

I fell in love with this table years ago.  I picked it up at Flowers By Donna Jean for $20!  The only thing was that it was painted this ugly red color and had some areas that needed some tlc.  Once I got it home I began transforming this giant beast.  I first painted it an espresso color and spray painted the handles silver.  Then I felt it was too dark for our living room and I stenciled some leaves in white on the top.  Then I hated that and painted the whole thing a light blue-almost white- color.  Again, didn't like it and I gave it to the kids for their playroom.  I painted the whole thing this bright teal color and spray painted the handles bright green and orange.  I also painted the top with chalkboard paint.  Let me just say this, chalkboard, great.  Chalkboard with 5 little boys seeing how much chalk it will take to completely color in the chalkboard=giant cloud of chalk dust all over everything!!!! So no more indoor chalkboard. After that a lot of things changed.  The playroom became our bedroom, our bedroom became the triplets bedroom,  the office/guest room is currently a mixture of playroom and the other two things I said, and Ty got his own room, which he needed so badly!  Now where was I?  Oh, the coffee table.  So I finally decided to completely strip it down and start over.  It took me a week of sanding and stripping.  It was a lot of work, but worth it.  I enjoy doing this kind of thing.  I was done with painting it.  I found this water based tinted stain that is a dream to use!  And I can honestly say I love this table now.  Although I did buy another color of stain to maybe layer it.  And there goes my husband rolling his eyes.  I know, I'm screwed up.

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