I fixed our dishwasher!!!  I'm so excited that we don't have to purchase a new one!

What Happened:  Long story short-my Husband broke it.  He snapped the wash arm on the top rack right off.  So for about a month we just continued to use it and loaded the bottom rack lightly.  Not only were our dishes not getting clean, the dishwasher sounded like a hurricane!  We went out looking for a new dishwasher, but I thought that maybe we could just order a part for ours.  I didn't know where to start since our dishwasher is 12 years old!  I looked around and found THIS awesome site.  I found the parts I needed and they had these handy videos to show how to install them.  They shipped my order the same day and I was able to repair it the same week I ordered the parts.  They have lots of parts for lots of things.  They also have troubleshooting lists to help you figure out your problem.  Just wanted to share!

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