Painting Kitchen Cabinets

I finally painted my kitchen cabinets. I did a lot of research beforehand. These are the steps and products I went with. It took me 2 weeks to finish the 29 doors, 16 drawers and cabinets. It was a lot of work, but I love the finished project!  

1.Remove all doors, drawer fronts and hardware.  I placed each set of hardware in the corner of the cabinet it belonged to.  Label each item so you know where it goes when you're done.    On my cabinet doors I have hidden hardware so once I removed it, there was a hole where the hardware fit in.  That's where I labeled each door with a permanent marker.  Once the hardware was reinstalled, the label wasn't visible.

2.Clean- You can buy a degreaser product. I was using one, but quit because it was leaving a film. So I went to good ol' Dawn dish soap and warm water.

3. Sand/Degloss- Klean Strip Sander Deglosser. I can't say enough about this stuff. Sanding without the mess! You can actually see and feel the difference. Easy to apply, then let it dry and you're ready to go! And it deglosses too! You can find it at ACE Hardware or Home Depot

4. Prime, 1 coat- I went with Zinsser water based primer. I've used it many times before and it's awesome.

5.Paint, 1-3 coats- Benjamin Moore Advance This stuff is great! It's a waterborne alkyd paint so it cleans up with soap and water but dries hard like an oil. It's also silky smooth and with the longer drying time it levels out and you'll have no brush strokes. It does have a longer time between coats though. 16 hours!! And it has a long curing time. It could take 30-60 days to fully cure. But once it does, it's rock solid and extremely durable. You just have to be careful until it fully cures. You can get Benjamin Moore at Ace in Des Moines and Ames. Just go to their website and you can find the locations.

6.Got the doors back on and reattached drawer fronts. I let everything sit and cure for 1-2 weeks before I put everything back together.

7. Added hardware. I love these knobs and cup pulls. I ordered them from amazon and got a great deal! They are heavy duty too. I used Liberty templates (bought at Lowes) to mark where to drill the holes for the hardware. I also added this awesome beadboard to the sides of the cabinets. It's actually a textured paintable wall paper. I bought this at Lowes. You get a huge roll for 20 bucks. Paint brushes- I use Purdy and Wooster. I stopped using the foam roller because I was getting better coverage and a smoother finish with my brush. Purdy is a bit more expensive, but I did prefer it over the Wooster for a smoother finish. That's my two cents!

UPDATE: It's been nearly two years since I've painted my cabinets.  I think this was the best upgrade I've done in our home.  I absolutely love the look.  It's made a huge difference on our whole home. Because we have an open floor plan, you can see the kitchen from all areas.  I used to hate the fact that you could see the kitchen when you would walk in the front door.  But it looks so pretty now I don't care!  It was a lot of work and the house was a mess for a few weeks, but I have no regrets.  I love my kitchen!  So if this is something you're wanting to do, don't be scared.  Get on your paintin clothes and go for it!

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