Outdoor Grilling Table Plans

My husband asked me to build him an outdoor grilling table/food prep station, whatever you want to call it.  He told me what height and length he would like it to be and also wanted a shelf to store charcoal and other things.  And you know what's weird?  All my other projects he was really interested in the amount of cash I would be spending.  But, since this was something for him he acted like the trees were suddenly growing money.  Ain't that somethin?

Anyway, I drew up some plans and headed off the store.

What I used:

8-treated 2x4x8s

cut list- 4-33" pieces (legs)

7-15 1/2 pieces

2-58 3/8 pieces

4-52 1/4 pieces

2-33" pieces cut at a 45 degree angle

1-20"x6' pine panel (what I used for the top) cut to 5'

Minwax water based stains in charcoal blue/gray and American walnut

To seal the top I used Cabot Spar Varnish in gloss.  This forms a nice durable (and shiny!), protective coating, specifically for outdoor use.  It yellows as it dries so this is not something you would want to use on painted surfaces.  And depending on your weather, you may need to sand the top and give it a couple more coats in a couple years.

This turned out so cute!  It would also be a nice kitchen island, entertainment center, entryway table, or sofa table.  You could just modify the measurements and make your own custom piece.

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