The Bottom of the Staircase

Ever see a giant metal dump truck fly down a flight of stairs and slam into a wall at the bottom?  This area at the bottom of the stairs was so beat up. I can't tell you how many toys have "accidentally" flown down these stairs.  I've even caught my children trying to ride a pool raft down them. Anyway, I wanted to put something on the wall to protect it, as I was tired of patching it up! At one time we had a piece of white panel board on it. That was really ugly. I was at Joanne's the other day and picked up a really cute beachy type picture frame. Light bulb!! Picked up a bundle of wood for 15 bucks. I already had most of the paint. I also picked up some trim, 10 bucks there. I first lined the pieces of wood up to make sure they were a good fit and got rid of the pieces that were warped or just not a good fit. I numbered each one so I knew where to place it. Next I cut all of the pieces to the size I needed, sanded a bit, painted over knots with primer/sealer. Painted each piece, attached them to the wall. Then I changed my mind on the paint color and repainted a few of the boards. I also went over some of the boards with a light grey blue color using a drybrush technique, making the boards look worn in areas. Made a little sign with one of my favorite quotes. Added the trim and pictures and wah-lah! I didn't fill the nail holes on the boards because I wanted a more rustic beach look. Plus there will be toys flying into this soon, I'm sure. But the wall is protected and I love the way this turned out!

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