The Giant Breakfast Bar

This breakfast bar was just huge! It was over 9' long, 19" wide and it was at an odd height. My kids were always hitting their heads on this thing. Not to mention it took up a ton of area in the dining room. Having a table that seats 8, we really needed the extra room. We NEVER used this bar either. It was basically a dumping area for the stuff we were too lazy to put away. So I removed it and replaced it with a couple of 1x8s. I sanded them down really well, especially around the corners and edges. Made a couple cuts (angled at the corner) so we didn't have any sharp ends sticking out anywhere. I wanted this to be a very smooth surface so I first sanded down all the knots. Then I filled them with spackling, sanded and so on until it was completely smooth. Then I used a primer/sealer over all the knots, then primed and painted the whole thing. Attached it to the bar area using screws, patched up those areas, touched it all up with paint, painted the wood trim at the top of the wall and wah-lah! This is so much nicer! And it was only about 10 bucks to do. I'm still working on the paint on the walls and haven't painted the cabinets yet. So much to do! I just bought a picture frame that inspired me to do something cool in another area of the house, so that's next! Woo hoo!


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